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JLK Insurance Group is a family-owned independent insurance agency dedicated to serving the needs of businesses, professionals, and families throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  We partner with the highest quality carriers and are leaders in protecting dentists and oral surgeons. Our mission is to provide a full range of comprehensive insurance and financial services combined with customer care that is second to none.

Commercial Insurance

In today’s fast paced society it is important to keep your business running smoothly.  Even a minor incident could cause major delays and headaches if not dealt with right away.  Having adequate and proper insurance in place is essential to keeping your business running through these types of events. A consultation with one of JLK’s account executives will help you implement an insurance plan and solution that works best for your company and will give you peace of mind that your business will be properly safeguarded.

Personal Insurance

Do you understand what is in your home, auto and other personal insurance policies?  Do you know what coverage is being offered or did you spend 15 minutes to buy a cut-rate policy?  Schedule a time to talk with one of JLK’s account executives to get a complete understanding of what you have and why it is important.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits and health care is one of the fastest changing and growing expenses that your company may face.  Staying on top of the changes to health care laws is very important to stay compliant and keep your health care costs down.  JLK works with employee benefit program administrators to help take this burden off of you and your company so you can focus on growing your business.

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Jack and Lisa are a Rockstar Team! - JLK OMSNIC Client

"Having been with RKTongue since 1972 it was not an easy decision to switch. Jack Kohlenstein, our account representative, gave us great information/data for comparison and we feel very comfortable that the move was a good one."

Eric Katkow, DDS
(Katkow Family Dentistry, Columbia MD)

My wife and I have been with Jack Kohlenstein and his team for over two years now for our office insurance needs (mal-practice, office package and health insurance). Jack is always prompt on returning phone calls and emails which nowadays I find very rare from customer service. He is also very personal and informative to keep us updated with our policies and regulations. I highly recommend Jack and his team without hesitation for your insurance needs.

Nick Wang, DMD, MD & Alice Wang, DMD

I had an opportunity to meet Mr. Jack Kohlenstein about two years ago when he gave a very informative presentation about malpractice insurance options. Jack provided very useful information. I made an appointment with him and he personally presented various malpractice insurances customized to my professional needs. He is very professional, thorough, and detailed. Jack answered all my questions and always follow-up with me. His office is also very good to responding back to any calls or e-mails. I already recommended Mr. Jack Kohlenstien to many of my friends. Jack is very good in communication and following up. He takes time to answer any questions you may have. I am so happy working with him and highly recommend him to my friends.

Maryam Roosta, DDS

I have been with Jack for over five years. Any questions or concerns, he meets with me in person to address them. There are not many, if any, relationships like that.

Christopher Stuzynski, DDS

Doug Kohlenstein and the JLK Group were fantastic to work with. I left my previous carrier of 25 years and had a wonderful experience from start to finish. They were incredibly efficient and responsive to all my needs. I highly recommend them!

Paul E. Lin, DDS

"Jack was very helpful in my transition to a new office protection, malpractice and workers comp insurance package. He is extremely knowledgeable in this field and was able to show me how I could upgrade my coverage and save money at the same time. He took care of all the hard work and was always readily available to answer any questions that I had along the way. On top of all of that he's a really nice guy."

Gary Griswold, DDS

"I am very satisfied with how Jack handled my transfer to Fortress, especially his professionalism and attention to my needs. I feel very comfortable being with a company that specializes only in dental professional liability."

Dr. Michael L. Dipaula, DDS
(Dr. Michael L. Dipaula DDS, PA, Baltimore, MD)

"I have been extremely happy with Mr. Kohlenstein's attention to details, unsurpassed dedication and great support to help me in any way that he could during the last 2 years since I decided to switch to Fortress with any liability insurance issues. I would strongly recommend Jack as the person to choose as your partner for professional liability insurance."

Flavio H. Rasetto, DDS, MS
(Flavio H Rasetto DDS, MS, PC, Chevy Chase MD)

"I hold JLK Insurance Group in the highest regard as far as customer service goes. I met Jack a few years ago when I was desperately looking for professional liability insurance. At that time I had been a customer of a nationwide medical professional liability insurance company. I had to switch because I was tired of being just another customer. I needed personalized guidance and help, and with Jack I found more than that: he will give you his honest advice, which in certain scenarios will actually save you money- he has your best interest in mind. He is very trustworthy and provides excellent service. Doing business with a family owned company is completely different, you get a personalized product. Jack is very mindful of customer satisfaction and even came to my office to process the paperwork. We ended up switching our home and automobile insurance with them as well. We were skeptical that they could do any better than our current provider and of course we were wrong. Marc at JLK provided us with a very detailed quote and options to fit our specific needs, which we've never had before. We are so grateful for his thoroughness and time spent with us to make sure we have the best plan for our needs. The entire team at JLK is amazing- communication for them is KEY. They are on top of expiration dates, and will keep me apprised of what actions need to be taken care of. Whether by phone or email, Lisa will get you the information and answers needed in a prompt and courteous manner. You can truly rely on her. I would recommend Jack and his team to anyone without hesitation or reservation; he is a man with great integrity, outstanding work ethic, and one of the nicest persons I know."

Melanie Jones, DDS

Dentists and Oral Surgeons: JLK Insurance Group offers services uniquely tailored to your needs.

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