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Ukrainian Relief Aid and Cyber Liability Special 2022

Ukrainian Relief Aid and Cyber Liability Special 2022

For all New AND Existing Cyber Liability Policies Through JLK Group in 2022,

JLK Group Will Donate 100% of the Proceeds to Relief Efforts in Ukraine.


March 23, 2022 -- JLK Group is supporting Global Operations Group Ukraine Aid by donating $1,000 to support efforts in Ukraine after the recent invasion by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian troops. GOG Ukraine Aid works directly with Ukrainian government agencies to send humanitarian aid and other supplies directly to those in need.

In addition to the significant amount of human loss, Russia’s alarming invasion and attacks in Ukraine have brought attention to an increase in Russian cyber threats, ransomware, and other malicious cyber activity, around the world. These threats are very real for small businesses that might not have proper cyber liability coverage and could have devastating consequences.

JLK Group is committed to supporting Ukraine during this trying time, but we also want to ensure our clients in the U.S. are protected from cyberattacks, ransomware, and hackers. We are encouraging businesses to purchase a cyber liability policy. For all existing or new cyber liability policies through the end of 2022, JLK Group will donate 100% of the proceeds to Global Operations Group Ukraine Aid.

Don’t let your business fall threat to cybercriminals. Contact us today to learn more about this special and simultaneously support relief efforts in Ukraine. Call JLK Group at 443-303-0393 to learn more about purchasing a cyber liability policy. Email to donate directly to Global Operations Group Ukraine Aid.